How to Make Liquid Simmering Potpourri

By Emma Lee

Revive your home and perk up your senses with homemade liquid potpourri. A few items from your cupboard or refrigerator are all you need to create an aroma that is pleasing. Use potpourri in the bathroom or bedroom to create a mood. Potpourri mixes can be purchased from stores, but you can experiment with different combinations of fruits and spices until you find the perfect fragrance for your home.

Make and enjoy your own potpourri.

Step 1

Fill a potpourri crock or a small crock pot half full of water. Turn the pot on to start heating the water.

Step 2

Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to the water to bind different scents and reduce water absorption.

Step 3

Create a long-lasting citrus aroma from orange peels. Cut a lemon and lime into small pieces and add to the orange mixture for a fresh fragrance.

Step 4

Select spices for the smell of home cooking. Cinnamon sticks, vanilla, nutmeg and almond mixed together will fill the room with a lovely scent.