How to Install Rebar in a Concrete Slab

Installing rebar in a slab of concrete will increase the strength of the concrete. Rebar are solid metal rod s that are an inch in diameter and are laid out in a square grid-like pattern. The rods are then lifted onto blocks of wood to assure that the concrete will flow around it. Placing rebar is a project that the average homeowner can do prior to pouring concrete.


Step 1

Measure the distance of your frame. Start cutting and placing rebar in a grid-like pattern 18 inches apart. Make sure that you are about 6 inches from the frame with the rebar. You do not want to touch the frame with the rebar.

Step 2

Tie the rebar together by wrapping the wire around the intersections of rebar. This will hold the rebar together while you are pouring.

Step 3

Place the rebar on blocks to support it and allow the concrete to flow underneath and around it.

Step 4

Pour the concrete and spread around with shovels until you have filled the frame. Use the trowel to get the concrete into the corners of the frame. Smooth the concrete with the screed.