How to Remove the Door on My Amana Refrigerator

Whether you are moving your Amana refrigerator or want to reverse the door swing, you will need to remove the doors. Removing the doors on your Amana refrigerator is not difficult and only requires a few hand tools. If you have a side-by-side refrigerator with a water dispenser, you will have some wires to disconnect. The door removal process will take less than thirty minutes.

Hand holding screwdriver
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Side-by-Side Units

Step 1

Unplug the Amana refrigerator power cord from the wall outlet. Shut the water valve off to the refrigerator for units that have a water dispenser. Open both refrigerator doors as far as they will open. Remove the contents in the door and set them out of the way. If you are moving the refrigerator and expect to take more than an hour, place the food in a cooler until you can put it back in the refrigerator.

Step 2

Pull off the toe grille with your hands. Pull each end of the toe grille out and then up to remove from the bottom of the refrigerator. Find the water line union if your refrigerator has a water dispenser. The line union is behind the toe panel. Unscrew the union nut with your hand to disconnect the line.

Step 3

Insert a flathead screwdriver under the bottom hinge covers to pry the covers off the bottom hinge. The top hinge covers have a Phillips-head screw that secures the cover to the hinge. Remove the top hinge cover by removing the screw with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4

Disconnect the wiring harness above the top hinge on models with water dispensers. Grasp the harness with both hands and press in on the locking tabs with your fingers. Pull the harness to disconnect the two pieces. Do not remove the screw that secures the green ground wire, which is by the top hinge. Some dispenser models will have a red wire harness. Disconnect the red wire harness by pressing the locking tabs with your fingers and pulling the harness apart.

Step 5

Remove the screws that secure the top hinges to the refrigerator with a 5/16-inch nut driver. Grab the door panels on both sides and lift them out of the bottom hinges. Set the doors to the side. Remove the screws that secure the bottom hinges to the refrigerator with the nut driver.

Top Freezer Units

Step 6

Unplug the refrigerator power cord and open the doors. Remove the contents from both doors. Close both doors.

Step 7

Pry the top hinge cover from the top hinge with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the three screws that secure the top hinge to the refrigerator with a 5/16-inch nut driver.

Step 8

Open the freezer door and lift up and remove the door from the unit. Remove the screws securing the hinge at the top of the refrigerator door with the nut driver. Pull the hinge up and off the refrigerator. Open the refrigerator door slightly and lift the door out of the bottom hinge.

Step 9

Disconnect the bottom hinge from the refrigerator cabinet with the nut driver.