How to Take Apart a GE Refrigerator Door

It's useful to be able to take GE refrigerator doors apart when you move or store the refrigerator. Removing the door will lighten the load and make transportation through narrow openings easier. It will allow you to protect the door finishes better, too. Removing the door is important when you store or decommission any refrigerator at the end of its life for safety reasons because children like to play in refrigerators, and can become trapped if the door is left on.

It’s useful to be able to take GE refrigerator doors apart when moving or storing the refrigerator.

Step 1

Remove the GE refrigerator's base grille by taking out the two Philips screws.

Step 2

Disconnect the water coupling on models with water or ice dispensers. If there is a water line from the cabinet to the bottom hinge on the freezer door, disconnect it by pushing in on the white collar of the coupling and pulling out the tubing. Make sure the water is off first.

Step 3

Disconnect the power coupling if there is one. Pull apart each connector. You'll find the harnesses near the bottom hinge of the refrigerator door.

Step 4

Close the refrigerator and freezer doors.

Step 5

Remove the freezer door top hinge cover by either squeezing it or prying it apart. Remove the hex head screws and lift the hinge straight up to free the hinge pin. Open the door to 90 degrees and lift the door off the bottom hinge.

Step 6

Remove the refrigerator door by following the procedure from the previous step.