The air inside your home can get very dry during the winter months because of the need for heat, but with a few additions, you can add moisture to any room in your house. A humidifier purchased from your local home improvement store can help, and several home remedies can increase the moisture in your home, too.

Adding live plants to your home can help moisten the air.

Step 1

Fill the humidifier water container up with tap water. Replace the container and plug the humidifier in. Some humidifiers require that you have them off the floor, on a small plastic stool or bench. Others are fine on the carpet. Turn the humidifier on. You should hear it working or see cold vapors exiting the top of it.

Step 2

Fill a large pan with water and place near the heating duct. Also try infusing the air with water by placing pans of water around the house. Dry air is generally more of a problem in the bedroom because it can suck moisture out of our bodies while we are sleeping. The water in the pans will evaporate into the air, so they will need to be refilled regularly.

Step 3

Place live plants around the house. Plants can also help with indoor air quality. By keeping plants around your house, you are adding moisture to your home and providing an air purifier because plants remove some toxins from the air.