Given the chance, scavenger animals will get into your garbage cans. When animals remove garbage can lids and dig into your garbage, they create an unsightly mess you have to clean up. Prevent these annoying messes by securing the lid to your garbage can. The solution need not be elaborate or expensive. With simple bungee cords, you can lock garbage can lids onto the cans and keep marauding animals out of your garbage.

Secure the lid to a garbage can to keep animals out.

Step 1

Place the lid securely onto the garbage can and snap it into place.

Step 2

Hook the end of a bungee cord onto the handle on one side of the garbage can.

Step 3

Extend the bungee cord over the top of the garbage can lid.

Step 4

Hook the other end of the bungee cord onto the handle on the other side of the garbage can.

Step 5

Repeat steps two through four to attach the second bungee cord to the garbage can lid.