How to Remove Mold From Cork Board

Mold grows when you leave a damp item in a dark, damp area. Vinegar kills mold and won't discolor a cork board like bleach. Vinegar also kills odor from mold. The vinegar smell disappears after drying, so don't worry about a lingering vinegar smell. Prevent future mold from growing by storing cork boards in a dry place. Occasionally spraying a cork board with vinegar also helps prevent mold.

Cork board

Step 1

Remove all tacks and other items from the cork board.

Step 2

Fill the spray bottle with vinegar.

Step 3

Spray the mold with the vinegar.

Step 4

Use the soft cloth the gently wipe away the mold. Cork crumbles so don't press hard or scratch at the board.

Step 5

Spray the board again and let it sit out to dry. The vinegar soaks into the cork and kills deep mold.