How to Use the Regal La Machine Food Processor

The Regal La Machine food processor by Moulinex can save countless hours of slicing, shredding, blending and chopping. This food processor has been available since the early 1980s. Although there are a few different models, they all have similar design and features. By changing the style of blade used in the food processor, you can cut food into a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Sliced veggies

Step 1

Ensure the power plug of the food processor is detached from the wall outlet.

Step 2

Press the lock release button on the side of the food processor and turn the lid counterclockwise to lift it off. Set the lid aside.

Step 3

Select the blade you will be using based on the needs of the dish you are preparing. Some models have two-sided blade discs that you can flip to slice or shred at different thicknesses.

Step 4

Lower the selected blade into the mixing bowl so that it rests securely on the center peg. Make sure the side of the blade you want to use is facing up.

Step 5

Replace the lid and twist it clockwise until you hear a snap. Try twisting the lid counterclockwise to ensure it is locked into place.

Step 6

Lift the plastic pusher out of the feed tube at the top of the lid and slide in the food item. Food pieces that are too wide for the feed tube may need to be roughly cut.

Step 7

Plug in the food processor and press the power button to begin spinning the blade. Use even pressure to force the food down the feed tube and through the blade.

Step 8

Unplug the food processor and depress the lock release button to twist off the lid. Carefully lift out the blade and set it aside so you can remove the food items.