How to Operate a Honeywell MagicStat Thermostat

A Honeywell MagicStat thermostat automatically controls the temperature in your home so you feel comfortable any time during the day or night. If the programmed temperature is uncomfortable, understanding basic Honeywell thermostat operation allows you to change the temperature as needed. Since the thermostat determines the temperature level in your home, understanding how to operate a Honeywell MagicStat thermostat will help your family feel more comfortable and will allow you to enjoy energy savings in your home.

Electronic thermostat on wall
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Set the Clock

Step 1

Press the "Set Clock/Day" button one time.

Step 2

Hold down the "Ahead" or "Back" button until the Honeywell MagicStat thermostat shows the appropriate time.

Step 3

Select "Run Program" once to display the accurate time and day.

Turn on the Thermostat

Step 4

Locate the System Switch on the bottom of the thermostat faceplate when learning how to use Honeywell MagicStat features.

Step 5

Turn the unit on "Cool" to turn on the air conditioning system.

Step 6

Flip the switch to "Heat" to turn on the heating system.

Step 7

Set the Fan to "Auto" so the fan cuts on and off as needed to heat and cool your home appropriately. Turn the Fan to "On" if you want the fan to run continuously.

Step 8

Power off the unit by turning the System Switch to "Off."

Adjust the Temperature

Step 9

Look at the System Switch to see if your Honeywell MagicStat thermostat is set to "Heat" or "Cool." Change it to the appropriate setting if necessary.

Step 10

Press "Warmer" or "Cooler" to override the programmed settings and make the air in your home warmer or cooler, depending on your preference. Press the appropriate button until the temperature you desire displays.

Step 11

Notice the arrow in the lower left-hand corner of the display, which indicates that your adjustment is temporary and will go back to the preset programmed temperature at the next scheduled interval. Do nothing if you want the temperature adjustment to remain temporary.

Step 12

Select "Hold Temp" and press "Warmer" or "Cooler" to adjust the temperature so it's not temporary. "HLd" will display on the thermostat, and the temperature you choose will remain until you change it.