How to Eliminate Birds from a Gazebo

While birds can be admired from a distance, they can become bothersome if they nest in your gazebo. Even short visits by birds can result in a feathery mess and, even worse, droppings that can stain the ground, furniture or your clothing. There are several humane options gazebo owners can employ to keep birds at bay. Birds tend to be determined creatures that will likely try to return. You will need to be persistent in your attempts against unwanted birds.

Keep birds out of your gazebo to keep it clean and usable.

Protecting Specific Areas Using Bird Spikes

Step 1

Install bird spikes if you want to keep birds from roosting or nesting in a specific area. Bird spikes are metal or plastic spikes that make it impossible for birds to land. Bird spikes can be purchased online or at home improvement stores.

Step 2

Cover the area you wish to protect with the bird spikes. The base of the spikes should be malleable and able to bend and curve to the area you are applying the spikes to.

Step 3

Fasten the bird spikes with either nails, glue or another adhesive. The spikes can also be fastened upside down in small areas to act as a physical barrier. Multiple bird spike strips may be necessary to cover the entire problem area.

Protecting the Gazebo with Visual Deterrents

Step 4

Use an imitation of a predator bird, such as an owl, to keep birds at bay. Place the imitation in an area, such as the top of the gazebo, where all undesirable birds will see it. Move the fake bird on a regular basis so the undesirable birds will be tricked into thinking the figure is real. If the fake bird is not moved, birds will notice that the figure poses no actual danger.

Step 5

Use holograms to scare away incoming birds. Bird holograms are available online and are designed with an image of a predator bird. Place the hologram in an area visible to all undesirable birds, such as the top of the gazebo. The hologram will appear to follow the birds as they fly by, scaring them away.

Step 6

Hang strings of tin foil from the roof of the gazebo. The tin foil reflects light and disorients incoming birds, making the gazebo an undesirable location to roost or nest. Also, the sound of multiple tin foil strings hitting the gazebo or making contact with other tin foil strings acts as a noise deterrent.