How to Prepare a Surface for a Play Structure

Building a play structure for your yard is a great way to allow your children to play like they would in a park right on your own property. There are many things you have probably considered when planning your new play structure. Play structure materials, layout, safety nets and features are all important, but one of the most important parts of planning this project is preparing the surface before building. You should learn how to prepare the surface to create a safe foundation for your new play area.

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Step 1

Mark off the area where your play structure will be installed. Use ground stakes and twine to rope off the area. The area will need to be a few feet wider than the play structure on all sides.

Step 2

Dig up any rises in the soil, such as large mounds or inclines, to create a level area for the play structure.

Step 3

Dig the entire area so that it is 3 inches below the surrounding surface. This will allow you an inset to remove hard, rocky soil and replace it with softer topsoil.

Step 4

Add some topsoil to the area to ensure that the ground is completely level. To do this, dump enough topsoil to cover the entire area with about a 3-inch layer of topsoil blanketing the surface.

Step 5

Use your rake to spread the topsoil evenly throughout the roped-off area.

Step 6

Spread playground mulch over the roped-off area over the topsoil. This will keep the area from becoming muddy and eroding when it rains or snows.

Ashley Kurz

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