How to Install Chain Link Fence on Uneven Ground

It's unlikely you can install a fence around your property in one day. Properly placing your fence posts around your property lines must be done beforehand, and with enough time to allow the concrete to harden and the posts to set in place. Since most properties aren't completely flat, adjustments must be made to ensure that the fence will be straight and level on uneven ground. This is not as hard as you might think. With the appropriate guidelines, you can ensure that your chain link fence will be level.

Chain-link fence
credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Step 1

Establish your property lines first either by obtaining a plat map from your local tax assessor or community zoning records department. Ensure that there are no building restrictions in your community that would prevent you from installing a chain link fence. Ensure that you have appropriate building permits if required in your area before installing your fence.

Step 2

Place your terminal posts on the corners of the property to be fenced. The terminal posts are the thick diameter posts that secure the fence at the corners. Line posts are thinner in diameter.

Step 3

Obtain a line post spacing chart from your local fence or building supply dealer. This chart will give you the proper spacing requirements corresponding to the property size and spacing between line posts; for example, 40 feet between terminal post placement will require line posts to be spaced 10 feet apart for correct installation.

Step 4

Place the line posts at their corresponding position in between the terminal posts according the the line-spacing chart.

Step 5

Dig all the holes for your posts at their placement points with a post hole digger or motorized auger. Dig a 10-inch-diameter hole with the bottom fanning out to 12 inches for terminal posts. Dig the hole to a depth corresponding to the height of the fence fabric. For example, if the pole is a standard 6 feet long and the fence fabric is 4 feet tall, dig the hole 1 foot plus 10 inches deep. Terminal posts should be 2 inches higher than the fence fabric.

Step 6

Dig the holes for the line posts at a diameter of 8 inches at the top and fan the hole out on the bottom to 10 inches. Dig the holes to a depth corresponding to the fence fabric height. For a standard 6-foot line post and a 4-foot-tall fence fabric, the hole should be dug to a depth of 2 feet plus 2 inches. The line posts need to be 2 inches lower than the fence fabric.

Step 7

Place the terminal posts into the holes and pour a concrete mixture into the holes for the terminal posts. Ensure that they are vertically straight with a level. Have a friend help with this step and place the poles into the holes simultaneously. Attach a string line 4 inches below the top of the terminal post, and stretch it tightly from the top of one terminal post to the other after the concrete has hardened.

Step 8

Pour concrete in the line post holes and place the poles in the holes. Allow the concrete to set for a few hours, but don't let it completely harden. Ensure that the posts are vertically straight with a level. Adjust the time according to the type of concrete mix you decide to use.

Step 9

Raise the poles up on the downward slope to place them at a height even with the string line. All line posts should be even at the top with the string line. Repeat around the entire fence by raising or lowering line posts to meet the string line. Allow a day for the concrete to harden.

Step 10

Attach the fence by unrolling about 1 foot of the rolled fence fabric. Secure it to the terminal post first with metal latching and wire. Unroll it further and stretching the fence tightly and attach it to the next line post. Repeat until the fence is completely installed and securely tied to every post.

Step 11

Place cap crowns on the posts and attach the fence fabric to them. The crown is a metal loop that fits inside the line and terminal posts top hole, with a round bracket that secures it to the top of the fence post. Place the metal loop over one section of the fence fabric wire and screw the round bracket down around it. Repeat with all fence posts.