How to Fix a Fraying Area Rug

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Things You'll Need

  • Upholstery needle

  • Embroidery thread

  • Shears

  • Scissors

  • Cotton binding

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Each year, thousands of feet walk back and forth across your beautiful area rug, wearing down the fabric. While a well-made and cared for rug will probably outlive its owner, it still may fray at the edges. This happens when the material that supports the weave becomes worn or damaged in some way. The seal that holds the fabric pulls away from the main body. The rug begins to unravel. Fixing a frayed section requires little effort and can add years of life to your area rug.


Step 1

Turn the rug over so that the mat or jute is facing up.

Step 2

Start 1/4 inch from the frayed area and sew over the frayed edging of the weave with an upholstery needle and matching thread. Use heavy string, such an embroidery thread. Your goal is to secure the fabric of the rug so that it will not unravel further.

Step 3

Use heavy shears to trim the raw edge of the rug. Cut away frayed matting that is protruding beyond the sewn area. Try to create an even edge to the rug if possible.


Step 4

Cut a piece of cotton binding tape 2 inches longer than the raw edge of your rug.

Step 5

Fold the binding over the edge so one-half covers the top and one-half covers the bottom.

Step 6

Sew the binding in place on each side using the upholstery needle and thread. You are attaching the binding to the fabric of your rug to create a secure and protective edge.



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