How to Adjust Poulan Riding Lawnmower Decks

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Reference the owners manual (see Resources below) for diagrams of the procedure.


Always keep the area clear of bystanders, especially children, when working on or operating a riding lawn mower. Wear protective clothing such as eye goggles, snug-fitting clothing, work boots and ear protection.

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Poulan has been servicing the outdoor power industry with lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, leaf blowers, tillers, hedge trimmers, snow blowers and generators since 1996. A popular home tractor for many yards, a Poulan riding lawn mower has a deck that you can adjust simply.

Step 1

Position the tractor on a flat, solid surface. Raise the mower deck to its highest position. Measure for side-to-side adjustment by measuring at the midpoint of both sides of the mower from the bottom. The measurements should be within 1/4 inch of one another. To adjust the deck, tighten the lift-link adjustment nut on the side that needs to be raised. To lower one side of the deck, loosen the lift-link adjustment nut on the corresponding side.

Step 2

Position the tractor on a flat, solid surface to adjust for a front-to-back adjustment. The deck must be level before beginning. Adjust the deck 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch lower in the rear when the mower is positioned in its highest position. On the right side of the tractor, check the adjustment by measuring the distance directly in front and behind the mandrel at the bottom edge of the deck. If the measurements are uneven, adjust one link to equal the same distance of the other link. To lower the front deck, loosen the "E" nut on both front links an equal number of turns. To raise the back of the deck when the distance is 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch lower at front than rear, tighten the "F" nuts on both the front links. Tighten the "E" nut on both of the front links a equal number of turns. Recheck the side-to-side adjustment.


Step 3

Replace the drive blades if the blades are cracked or damaged.