How to Dye Mulch With Spray on Color

Mulch in your garden or in your yard has many functions. It can provide a weed barrier, improve appearance, help retain moisture in your soil and for your garden or yard plants. It also can help keep soil from being washed away with heavy rains. In drier climates, soil can also be blown away, and mulch can help keep it from eroding.

Renew the Color of Decorative Mulch

Mulch typically fades over time with sun and light. Depending on what kind of mulch you have, you may find that you need to replenish the mulch with another layer, as it has broken down to the point that not only is it not attractive, but it is not accomplishing the task for which it was originally intended.

On the other hand, you may have a good layer of mulch, still structurally good and able to perform it's job, but it's faded appearance leaves something to be desired. If you were to add another layer of mulch to what you already have, you may end up with too much mulch, and next year you still may be looking at faded mulch, so spending the extra money and going to all that effort doesn't make too much sense. So what does one do?

There are mulch dyes on the market that can solve this problem. The dyes are environmentally safe, and are non-toxic to children, pets and other animals. These dyes are easy to use and come in a large variety of colors, depending on the company from which you are considering a purchase.

The dye comes in different sizes and goes a long way. It is mixed with water, about a ratio of 1:10, and sprayed onto the existing mulch. It dries quickly, and will last up to about 9 months. Different companies guarantee color for different amounts of time, so be sure you find one that has the longest time. Some are only good up to three months, so find a reputable company that has a guarantee.

Colors come in black, different shades of browns, reds, burnt orange and golds.

The dye is also good for straw and other types of mulch, even rubber mulch.

This method of mulch renewal is much less expensive than hauling in more wood chips and can improve the look of your yard or garden quickly.

See below for ways to begin to recolor your mulch or wood chips.

Step 1

Look online under the heading, "Mulch Dye" and you will find many companies that sell this product in a variety of colors and quality. Look at several websites for this, as some of the products have longer color retention than others. The color choices also vary tremendously.

Step 2

Purchase a compatible sprayer for the application of the mulch dye. These sprayers can be purchased from the company from which you purchase your mulch dye. Shop around for the best price, as they will vary also. If the area you need to cover is small, keep that in mind when looking for a sprayer.

Step 3

Look in your local area for mulch dye and sprayers, as companies that sell mulch also may carry them. You will save on shipping this way, and may be able to view the colors in person prior to your purchase.

Step 4

Read the instructions for application of the dye. It is not hard, and only takes a few minutes to completely change how an area looks. The instructions will guide you on technique and covering items not intended to be colored. Save the remainder of your dye to be used another time or for a reapplication if needed.