How to Reset a Screen Lock on a Honeywell 8000 Thermostat

The screen lock on a Honeywell 8000 thermostat is designed to help prevent accidental or unauthorized setting changes. A partial screen lock allows someone to adjust the temperature up and down; a full screen lock prohibits any changes to the system. You can reset the screen lock when you access the thermostat's "Advanced Settings."


Step 1

Press the "System" key to access "Advanced Settings."

Step 2

Note five blank touch keys that appear on the bottom of the screen between the "Done" key and the "Cancel" key.

Step 3

Push the center blank key, holding it for about 5 seconds.

Step 4

Look for the "User Setup Number" in the lower left-hand corner.

Step 5

Use the middle arrow "Up" or arrow "Down" buttons to adjust the panel so it shows the appropriate user setup number." Press "Up" or "Down" until the display shows user number 0670.

Step 6

Find the arrow keys on the right side of the thermostat screen next to the "Current Setting" number.

Step 7

Change your "Options" by pressing "Up" or "Down." Your options include "0" to unlock all the keys, "1" to lock all keys except temperature up and down, and "2" to fully lock the screen.

Step 8

Select "0" to reset the screen lock.