How to Clean Chenille Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean white cotton towels

  • Baby's hairbrush

  • Mild solvent


Pay prompt attention to any stains that appear on chenille items to increase your chance of removing them successfully.
Periodically have professional upholstery cleaners clean your chenille fabrics to maximize their lifespan.


Avoid using solvents that contain the highly toxic ingredient carbon tetrachloride. Never remove the cushion covers of a chenille upholstered pillow for separate washing. This destroys the backing and shrinks and damages the chenille upholstery fabric. The zipper on the pillow was put in place to make it easier to stuff the filling into the fabric cover, not to remove it.

Chenille fabric

It is hard to find a fabric that is as beautiful and comforting as chenille. However, whether you have a chenille throw blanket, pillow cover or bed spread, you know one thing for sure: It's not very durable. Chenille items often have both vertical and horizontal threads composed of this delicate fabric. This results in a tendency to "worm," where the loops of chenille work their way out from the rest of the knitting. It's usually very difficult to get protruding loops back into the body of the fabric; if you cut them, the fabric will unravel around the hole you've made. This "worming" problem often occurs if you haven't been caring for or cleaning the chenille fabric properly.

Step 1

Blot up the stain on the chenille fabric as quickly as possible with a clean white cotton towel. Do not rub the fabric with the towel as this may spread the stain and make the chenille harder to clean.

Step 2

Brush the the nap of the chenille fabric using a baby's hairbrush. Not only will this assist in the removal of the stain, but it will also keep the fabric in good condition and help it keep its softness.

Step 3

Spot-clean the stain with a mild solvent, making sure to use another clean cotton towel to apply the product. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the amount you should use and how long you should keep it on.

Step 4

If the stain remains and the chenille upholstery fabric requires more extensive cleaning, utilize the services of professional upholstery cleaners.

Step 5

If the stain remains on an item such as a chenille throw blanket, you can try washing it. Make sure to use as little agitation as possible, to avoid worming. Either wash the blanket by hand and hang-dry it or use the gentle cycle on the washing machine and dry it on low.


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