Smoke detectors are machines that make a loud noise capable of waking up a family in the event of a fire. These devices have saved so many people that they are required to be installed in every new home and business. Keeping smoke detectors in good condition is key for them to operate properly. If the smoke detector gets filled with dust, it will not be able to sense the smoke and alert the individuals who need to evacuate. Cleaning your smoke detector is the best way to make sure your smoke detector is capable of alerting you when a fire occurs.

Smoke Detector

Step 1

Remove your smoke detector from the ceiling or wall. It is easier to clean if you can set it on your table or hold it in your hands.

Step 2

Remove the batteries and use a dry rag to dust the battery compartment. Place new batteries in the smoke detector and close the battery compartment.

Step 3

Vacuum any dust particles in the smoke detector.

Step 4

Spray some Pledge on a dry rag and wipe down the outside of the smoke detector. Pledge is mainly for wood, but it attracts dust and is perfect for collecting any dust on the outside of the smoke detector.

Step 5

Replace the smoke detector on the wall or ceiling.