How to Prevent Vandalism

Homes and businesses are frequently targeted by vandals. Damage resulting from this vandalism can range from moderate to severe and is often costly to repair. Fortunately, taking a few security measures can greatly reduce the likelihood of vandalism occurring. Vandalism is best prevented through increased security, public awareness and police involvement. The following steps explain how to prevent vandalism.

Flood Lights

Install motion sensor flood lights. Creating a well-lit area will deter vandals from trespassing on the property. Running flood lights on a motion sensor will conserve energy and will automatically illuminate areas vandals try to approach. Vandals are less likely to commit crimes against properties that are highly visible.

Step 2

Notify your neighbors. Whether the vandalism is being committed against a home or business, surrounding neighbors should be made aware of any vandalism when it occurs. Creating awareness will keep the community alert for suspicious persons and activities. Exchange contact information with neighbors so you can be notified in the event any vandalism is witnessed.

Step 3

Notify your local police department, and file a police report for any vandalism that occurs. Filing a police report will help document each vandalism incident and the damage that was caused. Request that the police increase its patrols in your area if repeated vandalism occurs. Increasing police presence will deter vandals.

Surveillance Cameras

Install surveillance cameras. Place the cameras in areas that have been targeted by vandalism. Position cameras so that they are out of reach and cannot be tampered with. Having a recording of the vandalism being committed can help law enforcement identify and catch the perpetrator.

Step 5

Limit access to the property. Keep all doors, windows and gates locked to prevent vandals from entering the property. Install unbreakable glass in windows to avoid damage from thrown objects. Park all vehicles in a secure garage when they are not in use.