How to Clean Area Rugs

Area rugs are useful on hardwood floors or tile. They are soft to lie on and warm under your feet. However, when you have an area rug in a heavily trafficked area it can become dirty quickly. This is especially true with children, pets or outside weather conditions. You can manually clean area rugs. In addition, you can clean your rug with a carpet cleaner, which you could purchase or rent. Clean your area rugs completely at least once a month. Also, clean any spots as soon as they occur.

Area rug in a dinning room

Step 1

Move all toys or furniture off the rug. Enlist the assistance of a friend or family member to help move large pieces of furniture.

Step 2

Roll the rug up by starting at one end. Have a friend help move the rug into a less trafficked area. This will allow the rug to dry without gaining new stains. Be sure the new area is clean. Lay the rug out again.

Step 3

Vacuum the loose debris and pet hair. Run the vacuum over the area rug until the specks of debris are gone.

Step 4

Purchase a manual carpet cleaning solution. You can choose OxiClean Revitalizer Carpet Cleaning Solution or Zep Speriror Solutions High Traffic Carpet Cleaner. These are obtainable in regular supermarkets or department stores in your area. You can choose another hand-carpet cleaning solution as well.

Step 5

Gather your supplies and take them to the area rug. This includes a pan of hot water, your cleaning solution, the brush and rag.

Step 6

Spray your solution in a row at the top of the rug. Mist the entire area evenly. One or two squirts are efficient since the solution goes a long way.

Step 7

Use your soft bristle brush to rub the solution in the carpet. Employ a circular motion for a deep down clean. Cover the entire area where you sprayed.

Step 8

Dip the rag into the hot water. Wring it out completely. Wipe the area in a straight line. Squeeze the soap and dirt out frequently.

Step 9

Repeat Steps 3 to 5 to clean the whole area rug.

Step 10

Purchase or rent a carpet cleaner. You can usually rent a cleaner at a local department store for approximately $20 a day, plus the cost of cleaning solution. Purchasing a carpet cleaner can cost roughly $50 to $400.

Step 11

Take the water and soap holder off the carpet cleaner. Typically, this just lifts off. Read the holder. Usually, there is a water line and soap line. Fill the water to the line then add soap.

Step 12

Replace the holder onto the carpet cleaner. Normally, the holder snaps into place.

Step 13

Take the carpet cleaner to the area rug. Plug it in and push the "On" button.

Step 14

Use the cleaner over the area rug in rows. Usually, there is a trigger or button to release the water/soap solution. Push the machine forward, holding the trigger. Release the button and pull the machine back. Complete this twice for each row of the area rug.

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