Honeywell is a major producer of quality home thermostats. The Honeywell T8112D thermostat offers a homeowner reliable temperature control at an affordable price. The pre-programmable thermostat can be wired to a heating and cooling system, and the ability to pre-program it for home, away, sleep and awake times makes it an energy and money saver as well. Programming a Honeywell T8112D thermostat can be done in a minutes.

Honeywell T8112D

Step 1

Install the new 2 AA batteries before beginning the programming steps.

Step 2

Program the heat by quickly pressing and letting go of the schedule key. On the screen will appear the words "Wake" and "Set."

Step 3

Set the wake temperature by first setting the time for the temperature change. Press the up or down time arrow keys to select the time, then select the up or down temperature keys to select the temperature the house should be set to at that time.

Step 4

Press "SET", and then repeat the process above for "Leave". Repeat again to set "Return" and "Sleep" temperature and time.

Step 5

Quickly press the "Schedule" key again until you see "Sat", "Sun" and "Wake" and "Set" on the screen.

Step 6

Repeat Step 3 to set the "Wake" and "Sleep" time and temperature.

Step 7

Set the cooling program on the thermostat by turning the off switch to "Cool", and repeat the above steps.