General Electric (GE) has taken the work out of oven cleaning in modern stoves. No longer do you need smelly and toxic oven cleaner spray. Now all you have to do is lock the oven and press a button. The self-cleaning feature of the oven will do the rest. Using the self cleaning option on your GE oven is best accomplished on a day when you can provide ventilation to your kitchen as the option emits high heat and some smells, depending on what foods are dripped inside.

GE Oven by KYares

Step 1

Remove the racks from the oven. Wash these with hot, soapy water. Use a plastic scrubby if needed to remove any grime build-up. Set the racks aside to dry.

Locking Lever

Move the oven locking mechanism from the left side of the oven to the right. This will lock the oven door until the self-cleaning process is complete. The locking mechanism is located in a slot just beneath the stovetop and above the oven.

Self Clean Button

Press the Self-Clean button on the control panel of your stove. If your stove is an older model, you may have to turn the oven dial to the self-cleaning mark on the dial.

Step 4

Allow the self-clean process to complete. This will start automatically once you press the button or set the dial.

Step 5

Unlock the oven door when the process is complete. On some models, the stove will sound a chime much as it does when it has completed preheating. On older models, wait until the elements have returned to a "black" state and the door can be unlocked.

Step 6

Use a damp sponge to remove any ash on the floor of the oven.

Step 7

Replace the racks in the oven. The oven is now ready for regular use.