How to Clean Microsuede Upholstery

Microsuede furniture is soft, durable and attractive, but its solid color and low nap really make spots and drips stand out. So what should you do when you spill coffee on your new sofa, when your dog jumps up on it with muddy paws or your potty-training toddler has an "accident"? Don't panic; microsuede is made out of polyester, and is easy to clean. Just make sure not to soak the fabric, as that can cause water spots that are difficult to get rid of.

credit: James Goodwin
How to Clean Microsuede Upholstery

Cleaning Microsuede

Dab up any spills as quickly as possible, being careful not to rub the spill into the fabric. Hand wipes containing alcohol are perfect for spot-treating small accidents like jelly globs or muddy paw prints that get on your microsuede upholstery.

Dry-clean microsuede by sprinkling it with a mild, dry laundry detergent. Rub the detergent gently into the upholstery with a scrub brush, then vacuum it up. This works best if the fabric isn't too dirty, and just needs a little refresher.

Wash your microsuede with a product made specifically for that purpose, or use soap with a low ph balance, such as baby shampoo, to give it a good wipe-down. Make certain not to get the fabric too wet—a damp, wrung-out washcloth should be sufficient for applying and wiping away the soap.

Spot-clean stubborn stains with alcohol. Blot the area with rubbing alcohol or vodka on a clean white washcloth, or mist the stain with aerosol disinfectant and scrub it away.

Treat odor stains like urine quickly. Soak up everything you can with paper towels, then dab the area with vinegar. Sprinkle the surface with baking soda and allow it to soak up the remaining moisture, then vacuum it up. Spray-on odor removers can be used on microsuede upholstery, but keep the mist light to avoid water stains.