How to Make a Winter Cemetery Floral Arrangement

By Suzie Faloon

Most cemeteries are hard to get into during the winter months, so it makes family members feel better to know that a floral arrangement will be decorating their loved one's grave throughout the season.

Make a Winter Cemetery Floral Arrangement

The following instructions are for a winter-themed arrangement that will stay intact and upright. It can easily be altered to incorporate different colors and types of flowers. You can choose a favorite Christmas flower as the main focus of the arrangement, and/or work in holiday silver and blue, with white silk poinsettias and pale blue or white roses. Red silk roses and white daisies are beautiful with birch twigs, and are suitable for either a male or female loved one. What you come up with should simply reflect the tastes of the deceased and the spirit of the season, as reflected in holiday colors or the snowy, icy, iridescent hues of winter.

Step 1

Place a few rocks at the bottom of the flower pot. This will keep your arrangement from being blown over.

Papier-mache container

Step 2

Cut craft foam or florist's dry foam to fit into the bottom of the pot. Push firmly in place.

Step 3

Insert twigs and evergreen cuttings into the foam. Place them around the entire container.


Step 4

Place one poinsettia or main flower in the center of the foam. Place four flowers of the same type, with slightly shorter stems, around the pot.


Step 5

Continue adding silk flowers, ivy or holly and sprays of small filler flowers. Turn the arrangement to make sure it looks good on all sides.

Step 6

Add wired pine cones. For a child's arrangement, add craft picks with a sled, sleigh, Santa, toys or an angel.

Step 7

Place a weather-resistant bow on a wired stick firmly into the front of the foam.

Step 8

Top the foam with white and clear craft stones that will give an appearance of ice or snow (if desired). You can spray light touches of spray snow on the tips of the greenery and on the cones.