To properly maintain your backyard pool, all pool owners need to chemically treat their pool on a regular basis. By adding the pool chemicals in the proper way, you will ensure the proper distribution of the pool chemicals. When the pool chemicals are correctly introduced to the water, they will be more effective and longer lasting.

A bucket of 3" round chlorine tablets

Step 1

Since all pool owners know the importance of maintaining a clean and safe pool, they should become familiar with the proper techniques of adding the chemicals to the pool. To prepare for your routine pool chemical maintenance you should always have on hand an old bucket that will never be used for any other purpose, an old measuring cup, pool test strips and the chemicals that you intend on using.

Step 2

Before adding chemicals to your pool, you many want to change out of any colorful or good clothing. You will want to wear an old white t-shirt since many of the pool chemicals can stain your clothing by bleaching them. You will also want to test the pool water with pool test strips to see which chemicals you will need to add.

Bags of powdered shock.

To properly add chlorinated shock treatments to your pool, you will need to pre-mix the powdered shock with a bit of the existing pool water in the old bucket. This pre-mix reduces the amount of shock that can be blown away by wind if it is simply poured directly into the pool. Carefully cut open the bag(s) of shock and empty them deep into the bucket. Add enough pool water to make an oatmeal consistency mix.

Step 4

It is best to add the shock treatment to the pool when it is dusk, and the sun is not shining on the pool. The sun can break down the chemicals in the shock, making it a less effective sanitizer for your pool. Stand outside your pool and add the chemicals by walking around the perimeter of your pool to evenly distribute the shock.

Step 5

When it is time to add chlorine tablets to your pool, you will want to add them directly to your skimmer basket. Carefully remove 2 or 3 of the hockey puck shaped tablets from the bucket and set them directly into the skimmer basket. After touching the pool chemical tablets, be sure to rinse your hands in the pool water. Avoid touching your eyes or face until you are done adding pool chemicals and have a chance to wash with soap and water.

Step 6

When you need to add algaecide to your pool to retard the growth of algae, it is best applied to the pool in front of the water return. This is where the water is shooting back into the pool after being cleaned by your filter. The water pressure of the water return will help you evenly distribute the liquid algaecide. Be sure to use an old measuring cup to accurately measure the dose of algecide for your size of swimming pool.