11 Ideas on How to Clean Anything

It's never been easy to care about housework. Ever since you were a kid, when you were told to make your bed or do the dishes, you waited until just before a punishment would ensue before getting down to business. But now that you're an adult, brushing off these must-dos doesn't just make them worse — it also causes stress. That's where these dirt-removing tips come in: from erasing carpet stains to restoring baking pans, this assortment of DIY tricks will get you to clean up as painlessly as possible. And when you're done, the satisfaction of a spotless home just may make you change your mind about chores after all.

An iron, laundry detergent pods, and cleaning wipes
credit: Hunker

1. Clean Your Dishwasher the Natural Way

Cleaning the inside of your dishwasher is a task that can easily slip your mind. But when your dishes have gone through a cycle and they still look like they were just used for dinner, then you could use to get this appliance working right. Once you finish scrubbing, mark your calendar: this solution should clean your dishwasher every month.

Vinegar spray bottle
credit: Jessica Kielman

2. Shine Up Your Car Headlights

You may think of your car simply as the way you get from point A to point B, but if you're traveling at night, the ride can go along much smoother when you have clear headlights. with this guide, and get out on the town with ease.

Car headlights
credit: Debbie Williams

3. See Your Reflection in Your Bakeware Once Again

All of the homemade sweets you've made in the past year have been great — until they tarnished your baking sheets. Use this to quickly get your bakeware shiny again, and you can reward yourself with a chocolate chip cookie (or two).

A dirty baking sheet and a clean one.
credit: Jerri Farris

4. Spiff Up Your Wood Floors Without Worry

Cleaning wooden floors can be tricky: if you're using water, one wrong move can lead to a warped finish. Thankfully, can banish stains and keep any damage at bay. You'll be sliding around in socks in no time.

Spray Bottle and Swifter Sweeper
credit: Jessica Kielman

5. Say Goodbye to Grease on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Unfortunately, eating too much greasy food isn't just bad for your diet: splatters of oil that happen during cooking can also damage the finish on your kitchen cabinets. If you're going to indulge in a greasy meal, use these to get rid of the pesky aftermath.

Kitchen Cabinets
credit: Debbie Williams

6. Let This Carpet Cleaner Dissolve Your Clumsy Moments

Carpet can keep a room nice and cozy, but it can also be a reminder of past blunders: a few drips of wine on the way to the couch, a trail of dirt from Fido's paws or a splash of sauce from pasta night could stand as not-so-happy memories of otherwise ordinary days. those mishaps can finally be forgotten.

credit: Jessica Kielman

7. Load Up Your Washer With DIY Pods

Laundry is the type of chore that sneaks up on you. For several days, your wardrobe appears full of clean options. But then, seemingly out of the blue, you're stuck with nothing clean to wear. Make these during those worry-free days, and they'll be ready to go when your pile of dirty clothes suddenly grows high.

Laundry detergent pods
credit: Jessica Kielman

8. Make Sure Your Iron Leaves A Smooth Impression

Having to iron your clothes is hard enough, but using an iron that leaves residue on a half-wrinkled shirt is even more inconvenient — especially if you need to be somewhere soon. If you want to get on your way in an outfit that's set to impress, use these to clean your smooth operator.

credit: Jessica Kielman

9. Bring the Sheen Back to Your Oven Racks

After you've made some baked potatoes, a few roasts and several pizzas, your oven racks have likely been stained. Restore each of them to their original sheen using , and get back to creating feasts without the unsightly fuss.

A clean oven rack.
credit: Jessica Kielman

10. Keep This Handy When Your Drain Needs Some Relief

Your drain rolls with a lot of punches. After swallowing up food remnants from multiple meals, it washes away the soapy water that you used to clean your dishes — well, most of the time, at least. For those rare occasions when food particles build up in your drain and cause an odor, this will help solve the problem. It's exactly what's needed when your drain is down for the count.

Kitchen Sink
credit: Michele Andersen

11. Wipe Away Dirt Without Spreading Harmful Chemicals

Cleaning wipes are a definite must-have in any home, since they fix everything from a splash of coffee on a countertop to a shoe print on wood floors. But go a step further than many store-bought varieties. They keep homes clean without chemicals, and they're reusable, too.

Glass jar, reusable wipe, and liquid soap
credit: Jessica Kielman