How to Remove Wax From a Candleholder

How to Remove Wax From a Candleholder. Candle wax can easily be removed from a candleholder with one or all of the following methods.

Remove Wax From a Candleholder

Step 1

Add 1/8 inch of water to the bottom of a votive candleholder before you insert the candle. This will make wax removal easier later on.

Step 2

Place washable candleholders and votives in a plastic tub of warm water to soak. The wax will loosen and can be easily removed. Stubborn pieces of wax can be pried away from the candleholder surface with a spoon or butter knife.

Step 3

Place nonwashable candleholders in the freezer. This will cause the candle wax to become very brittle and easy to remove. Excess wax can be scraped off with a butter knife or spoon.

Step 4

Use a commercial product, such as Goo Gone, to remove the excess candle wax. Apply the liquid to the wax with a clean cloth and allow to sit for a minute or two. Scrape off wax with a spoon or butter knife. Clean area with water and mild soap.

Step 5

Cover the spoon or knife in a thin, soft cloth before you use either to scrape off wax. This will protect delicate finishes from being scratched.