10 Small Space Furniture DIY Solutions

Small square footage shouldn't stop you from bringing good style into your home. Apartment renters and micro home dwellers alike have to get creative with the ways in which they decorate and use space to keep the feeling airy and open. Here are 10 multi-purpose furniture and storage solutions that can help make the most of every inch of your home.

small space furniture DIY solutions
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1. Transform a Wood Slab Into a Coffee Table

For a functional piece of furniture that is sure to start a conversation, try your hand at making . We're loving the '60s, Laurel Canyon bungalow feel of this project!

How to make a wood slab coffee table
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2. Make a Side Table and Magazine Rack

When decorating your small space, keeping an eye out for stylish two-for-one furniture is crucial. will provide a useful surface and keep clutter at bay.

DIY side table and magazine rack
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3. Build a Collapsible Side Table

Furniture that can be stored and quickly assembled with ease is also great for a home with limited space. Let's say you're having friends over and need some extra room — can be easily stored for use after your guests have gone home.

DIY space-saving collapsible
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4. Repurpose a Storage Trunk Into a Bench & Coffee Table

This vintage-inspired piece has three uses: A trunk for storage, a bench for extra seating and a coffee table to hold drinks, books, or any other accessories for your home. Learn how to put a creative spin on .

DIY storage trunk bench and coffee table
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5. Build a Space-Saving Bar Cart

A good tip for those living in a home with limited square footage is to decorate with furniture that is more vertical than it is horizontal. provides plenty of storage space. Complete with caster wheels, this mobile piece is versatile enough for even the smallest spaces.

How to build a space-saving bar cart.
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6. Create Stacking Cube Shelves

Stacked shelves can be used to store pretty much anything: Blankets, extra dinnerware, a DVD collection and so much more. Read on to learn how to put an industrial, rustic spin on simple that can be purchased from Ikea.

Ikea hack DIY rustic cube shelves
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7. Learn How to Build a Wine Rack

will free up some pantry space and display your favorite bottles in a stylish way. The little shelf on top also provides space to hold wine glasses and a small floral arrangement or plant.

How to build a wine rack
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8. Display Your Favorite Accessories on Wood Shelves

A traditional bookcase may look bulky in a small setting. made with galvanized pipes, wooden planks, and sisal rope can hold a good number of accessories without feeling cluttered.

How to build your own wood shelves
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9. Create Hanging Plant Holders

Caring for house plants in a small space has never been easier than with . For plants that require minimal attention, look for succulents and air plants.

Hanging plant holders
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10. Build a Vertical Bookshelf

Keep your book collection looking organized with . It's narrow, inconspicuous and mounted to the wall to save space.

How to make a vertical bookshelf
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