How to Fix the Chimes on a Key Wind Clock

Moving a key wind clock from one location to another can cause your clock chimes to get out of sync with the hands on the clock. It can also cause the chime tones to begin to sound flat or sharp. You can fix the clock so the chimes sound on the correct hour, quarter hour and half hour, as-well-as fix the chime tones by making minor adjustments to the clockworks.

credit: Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images
Keep your clock chiming correctly.

Chiming Hour Incorrectly

Step 1

Remove the nut holding the hands to the face of the clock by turning it counterclockwise with pliers.

Step 2

Pull the minute hand from the clock carefully.

Step 3

Place it back onto the face of the clock pointing to 12 o'clock if the clock is chiming on the hours, but the minute hand is pointing to the 6 o'clock hour when it begins its chimes.

Chiming Early or Late

Step 4

Remove the small nut holding the minute and the hour hands to the face of the clock. Take note of the location of the minute hand on the face of the clock. Carefully pull the minute hand off the clock.

Step 5

Turn over the minute hand to see the small bushing around the hole on the back of the hand. Hold the bushing with needle-nose pliers.

Step 6

Hold the minute hand as if it was still on the clock with the bushing pointing away from you. Slightly move the hand clockwise if the clock is chiming early or counterclockwise if the clock is chiming late while holding the bushing stable.

Step 7

Replace the minute hand onto the clock face at the location it was in prior to removing it from the clock. Reattach the nut to hold the hands to the clock.

Step 8

Wait for the clock to chime on the quarter- or half-hour. Repeat the adjustment to the minute hand if the clock still chimes early or late.

Wrong Tone

Step 9

Open the back or the side of your clock to access the chimes and chime hammers. Depending on the manufacturer of the clock, the side or back of your clock could be held by screws or tabs.

Step 10

Measure the distance between the hammer and the chime coil or bell. Each hammer should rest exactly 1/8-inch away from the chime to create the correct tone. Adjust only the hammers whose measurement is incorrect.

Step 11

Bend the center of the hammer arms forward or backward with your fingers to carefully to adjust the hammer until your hammers are 1/8-inch away from the chime. This will restore the chime to its proper tone.