Wooden pallets are slats of wood that have been hammered together, allowing objects packaged on top of them to be easily lifted by a forklift. Wooden pallets are easy to find, and if you are interested in an eclectic or boho look in your home, hang them from your walls. Paint your wood pallets beforehand to give your walls some visual variety and texture or leave them bare, and stack things on them.

Recylce old wood pallets into new home decor.

Step 1

Use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall where you want to hang the pallet.

Step 2

Mark the spots where the studs are using pencil.

Step 3

Turn your pallet so that the side with more slats is toward the wall and the slats in the middle are running parallel to the ground.

Step 4

Hold the pallet up to the wall to see the spots where the nails will support the pallet. The pallet is going to hang from screws protruding from the wall, and the weight hangs from the boards that are running parallel to the floor at what is now the top of the pallet.

Step 5

Line the pallet up with the studs in the wall as best you can. The spots where you will be putting the screws are close to the top of the pallet, between the narrower slats.

Step 6

Mark four or five spots on the wall where you can put in screws that will connect with the studs while still supporting the pallet.

Step 7

Remove the pallet for the moment.

Step 8

Drill anchor holes into the spots that you marked with a pencil using an electric drill, going only as deeply as your screw anchors are long.

Step 9

Tap screw anchors into the holes using a mallet, tapping until the anchors are nearly flush.

Step 10

Push screws into the screw anchors and screw them into the wall, leaving 1 inch sticking out.

Step 11

Lift the pallet and hang it from the screws.