Whether you're decorating a rustic room or a beachside bungalow, adding decorative accessories helps to add interest to and bring personalization to the space. If you have a passion for sailing or simply want to create a distinctive look, consider repurposing oars as decorative wall hangings. Paint or refinish weathered oars or leave them as they are for a cottage feel. With a little creativity, screws and a drill, you can create a one-of-a-kind statement in any room.

Use boat oars as wall decorations.

Step 1

Position the oar flat on the place you want to hang it. Drive two screws into the handle of the oar and into the wall: one just before the paddle and one just before the end of the handle.

Step 2

Hang oars as a focal element on a wall. Hang one oar, a pair or a collection of oars above a fireplace mantle, over a bed or on the wall behind a couch. Hang the oars vertically, horizontally or criss-cross them over one another.

Step 3

Transform an oar into a curtain rod. Thread the loops of a tab-top curtain onto the oar before installing it over a window or sliding door.

Step 4

Create an oar coat hook. Screw three or four hooks evenly spaced along one of the sides of an oar. Hang the oar horizontally on a wall so the hooks point up. Put coats, scarves and hats on the hooks.

Step 5

Feature oars in the center of a wall surrounded by other decorative accessories. Place a model sailboat, seashells or starfish on shelves on the same wall as the oars, for instance, or display stuffed fish and fishing lures around the oars. Hang a painting of a lighthouse and the ocean near the oars for a slightly more formal look.