How to Get a Buildup of Soap Out of Towels

Soap residue, from washing or general use, can ruin the absorbency of your bath and kitchen towels. The thick material absorbs the soap residue, which coats the fibers and causes them to repel rather than absorb moisture. Residue from other laundry products, including dryer sheets and fabric softener, can also cause towels to lose absorbency. Proper washing using the right products helps eliminate the residue so the towels are once again fluffy, soft and absorbent.

Soap collects in fluffy towel fibers.

Step 1

Wash the towels together in one load instead of combining them with your other laundry. Use the hot water setting and the amount of laundry detergent recommended for the wash cycle on your machine or the detergent's label.

Step 2

Stop the wash cycle when it reaches the rinse cycle. Add 2 cups of white vinegar to the rinse water and restart the machine. The vinegar strips the soap residue from the towels without affecting the color or fabric.

Step 3

Dry the towels on the towel setting of your dryer. Don't use a fabric softener sheet during the dry cycle, as the oils in the softener leave behind a residue that blocks the absorbency of the towels.