The Best Way to Dye My Curtains Black

Curtains come in all fabrics and colors, protecting windows from harsh light and giving homes a more decorative look. Using a fabric dye along with your washing machine will take your curtains from plain and average to bold and daring. Dyeing your curtains black will block out most outside light as well as keep heat inside.

Change and renew your curtains with fabric dye.

Step 1

Wash your curtains in the washing machine on the warm/cool setting for a complete cycle before dyeing them. Washing your curtains before dyeing them will remove any stains and make it easier for the dye to take.

Step 2

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and empty one bottle of fabric dye into a small pot. Add in 1 quart of hot water and stir with a large metal or wooden spoon. Turn the stove on medium to high heat and keep stirring until the dye is completely dissolved.

Step 3

Fill your washer with hot water and add in the dye mix. Add in a splash or two of white vinegar; this will help to set any dyes on the fabric. Set the washer on to agitate for 10 minutes or so to mix the dye up completely.

Step 4

Put a piece of fabric similar to your curtain fabric and place it in the washer to test for proper coloring. If the dye sets in to the desired level, it's safe to place the curtains in the washer. If not, add more liquid dye to the mix and let the wash agitate again for another five minutes.

Step 5

Put the curtains in the washer after the color test and let the washer run a full cycle. The curtains should be wet; this will make the dye take to the fabric more easily. Put the curtains in the dryer or leave to line-dry after the wash cycle.