Replacing a Solenoid on a Craftsman Lawn Mower or Tractor

Few problems can immediately impact the beauty of your home and lawn as quickly as a lawn mower that refuses to start. Craftsman lawn mowers and tractors are smaller push-mower or riding lawn tractor models that are manufactured by Husqvarna and feature Briggs & Stratton engines. These engines possess a solenoid that converts energy from the battery upon ignition in order to ensure the mower starts and runs appropriately. A broken solenoid must be replaced before a Craftsman lawn machine can be used again. You can accomplish solenoid replacement even if you have never attempted such repairs before.

The Craftsman's solenoid can be removed using a socket wrench.

Step 1

Visit a lawn tractor parts store or contact Husqvarna directly in order to acquire the proper solenoid replacement part. You will need your Craftsman lawn machine's exact model number on hand when acquiring this part.

Step 2

Open the front cover or hood of your Craftsman lawn machine and locate the battery, which will be distinct with a red positive wire coming out of one side and a black negative wire extending out of the other side. Utilize a socket wrench to loosen and remove the red wire and then the black wire.

Step 3

Follow the other end of the battery's red wire to the solenoid, which sits between the battery and the engine. There are two main wires on each side of the solenoid. Use the socket wrench to loosen the bolts these wires connect to, then remove the wires.

Step 4

Observe the wire harness that consists of a number of small wires covering the solenoid. These wires are held in place by a retainer clip. Use a knife to lift up on this clip to release the harness. Remove it entirely.

Step 5

Turn the four bolts on the base of the Craftsman lawn machine's solenoid counterclockwise. Pull out the solenoid.

Step 6

Put the new Craftsman lawn machine's solenoid into the spot just vacated by the old. Place the wire harness back over the solenoid and ensure it is making contact with the two electrical connectors on the solenoid.

Step 7

Use your socket wrench to reconnect and tighten both the main wires onto the solenoid.

Step 8

Reconnect both the battery's wires onto the Craftsman lawn machine's battery using your socket wrench. Shut the engine cover.