How to Keep Viscose From Shrinking

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Things You'll Need

  • Home dry-cleaning bags

  • Home dry-cleaning sheets

The dry-cleaning process uses no moisture to clean clothes that require special care.

Viscous is a type of rayon fabric. Rayon is widely used in the clothing industry. The fabric holds colors very well but is very sensitive to moisture. The strength of the fabric is weakened when it is wet, leading to a breakdown of the fibers. Once the fabric dries, it can show color loss as well as shrinking. These problems can be avoid by not exposing the garment to excessive moisture and using dry cleaning only.


Step 1

Take your garments containing viscose to your local dry cleaner to have them cleaned. The dry-cleaning process uses dry solvents to clean the fabric without any risk of shrinking or loss of color.

Step 2

Do not wear a garment containing viscose if there is any chance that you will encounter bad weather. If you are caught in the rain, the garment may shrink after drying.

Step 3

Use a home dry-cleaning system with your clothes dryer. Place viscose garments into the dry-cleaning bag and zip it closed. Place the bag in the dryer on tumble (low heat) for 30 minutes. Hang the garment after dry cleaning to avoid wrinkles.



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