Vinegar & Hot Tubs

Vinegar can do more than add tasty flavor to your fries. You can use it as a natural cleaner in your hot tub as well as as an hydrotherapy aid for sore muscles and more.



Use vinegar to help prevent soap residue from clogging the jets in your hot tub. Once a year, empty a gallon jug of white vinegar into your hot tub and run the tub through a cycle. This will work the vinegar through the system, where it can eat away at any soap or calcium buildup, according to "2,001 Amazing Cleaning Secrets."


You can add apple cider vinegar to your hot tub for hydrotherapy. Apple cider vinegar can help relieve sore muscles and itchy skin caused by allergies or a rash, and it helps to soothe mild sunburns. Pour a few cups into your hot tub and then climb in.


Vinegar is gentle enough that when you use it as a cleaning product, it will not damage the tub, filters or any inner workings of your hot tub. If you use vinegar in your hot tub for hydrotherapy, it will take some time for the filters to clean all of it out of the water.

Kay Wagers

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