The Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Florida

Florida's U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones range from 8, in northern Florida, to 11 in coastal southern Florida. For best production from your tomato plants, start with the right planting date, according to the University of Florida IFAS Extension.

Tomatoes prefer full-sun exposure for the best growth and ripening.

North Florida

For spring planting of young tomato plants, recommended dates are from February to April. Fall planting of tomatoes is best from August to September. If you are starting your own tomato plants from seed, plant seeds indoors, four to five weeks prior to your planting date.

Central Florida

Set out tomatoes in Central Florida from January to March, for a spring planting, and from August to September for a fall harvest. When transplanting young plants, water the tomato plant thoroughly and avoid tightly compressing the soil around the tender root system.

South Florida

Spring planting time for South Florida tomatoes is from November to February. Put out tomatoes in August to September for a fall tomato crop. Plant young tomato plants into moist soil, preferably on an overcast day.