You can plant pine trees as a windbreak or just a decorative part of the landscape. Pine trees grow to heights of anywhere from 4 to more than 100 feet in height depending on the species, and the growth rate varies likewise.

The growth rate of pine trees varies by species.


Rows of slow-growing Virginia pines

Slow-growing pines grow less than one foot per year, according to Clemson Cooperative Extension. Species considered slow-growing include mugo pine, Scotch and Virginia pine, also known as scrub pine. Longleaf pine is a unique species that grows slowly for as long as the first decade of life, but then begins growing 2 feet per year.


Spruce trees covered with snow

Spruce, Austrian, Ponderosa and red pine all have medium growth rates. Japanese black pine also grows moderately fast at a rate of 1 to 2 feet per year.


Silhouette of a fast-growing pine tree

Loblolly pine is one of the fastest-growing southern pines, while white pine is one of the fastest growing landscape pines. Slash pine also grows more than 2 feet per year.