What Is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Although we may be used to thinking of salt as tiny powder to put on our food, salt comes in massive blocks of crystal. A Himalayan salt lamp is a lamp or candle holder made out of a block of salt crystal. Although there have been wild claims made abut their health benefits, there have been no scientific studies done to verify them.



There are 2 main types of Himalayan salt crystal lamps. One is adapted to hold a standard incandescent light bulb and runs on electricity while the other can only hold tea light, votive or pillar candles.


Himalayan salt lamps throw off a muted light, adding ambiance to interior settings. They also can blend in with more rustic interiors.


Himalayan salt lamps are heavy, expensive and can break. They also only cast off a muted light which is not enough to read by.


Not all Himalayan salt lamps look alike because not all crystals look alike. Each one may be a slightly different color or shape.


Although marketed as Himalayan salt lamps, not all are from the Himalayas. Some are really from salt mines in Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran and Pakistan.