What Is Rescue Remedy?

Bach's Rescue Remedy is a flower essence blend that was created by Dr. Edward Bach in the United Kingdom almost 80 years ago. It is used by herbalists to manage stress, restore calm and correct emotional imbalances. Rescue Remedy comes in drops, spray, pastilles and an alcohol-free children's formula. Bach's Rescue Remedy's convenient size easily fits in your pocket, handbag or glove compartment.

What Is Rescue Remedy?

Main Ingredients

There are five Bach Original Flower Essences in Rescue Remedy; rock rose, clematis, impatiens, cherry plum and star of Bethlehem. Rock rose relieves panic or terror; clematis grounds one in reality and fosters creativity; impatiens increases patience and empathy; cherry plum increases self-control; and star of Bethlehem soothes trauma and shock.

How Rescue Remedy Is Made

Tinctures are prepared from selected flowers and spring water using heat from the sun or through boiling. The flowers are removed and the remaining spring water is filtered and mixed with 40 percent proof brandy (as a preservative). The tincture is then diluted with more brandy (27% grape alcohol). The finished product is poured into individual bottles or further processed into pastilles.

Who Can Use Rescue Remedy

Bach Rescue Remedy's web site states that Rescue Remedy is safe for use by all people. However, it is suggested that pregnant women consult their physicians if they have reservations about using Rescue Remedy (see Resources).

How to Use Rescue Remedy

If you want to try Rescue Remedy, add two drops to a glass of water and sip it at leisure. You can also mix the drops with other beverages such as coffee, tea or juice. Rescue Remedy Spray can be used during any stressful time by spraying it twice on the tongue. Rescue Remedy Pastilles are also used as needed by dissolving one pastille on the tongue.

Related Products

The Bach company makes a Rescue Remedy formula for pets. It is used to help pets during stressful situations such as crating, thunder storms or transportation. There is also Rescue Remedy Cream or Rescue Remedy Gel, which is used externally for cuts, burns, bruises and sprains.