By Hunker Editor

Bathtub liners are a thin covering that is installed over your existing bathtub. Once installed, they make your bathtub look brand new. Using a bathtub liner is a quick way to remodel a bathtub. That once unsightly old bathtub can look brand new once again.

About Bathtub Liners


A bathtub liner will only cover up the unsightly appearance of an old bathtub. It will not fix any problems with the bathtub. If a bathtub is leaking, it will need to be repaired instead of covered with a liner. For bathtubs that work fine but are marred with scratches, a bathtub liner can provide a quick fix.


Bathtub liners are made out of either PVC or acrylic. Acrylic bathtub liners are the most popular choice because they are generally considered to be more attractive and they are more durable. Acrylic bathtub liners are easy to clean and maintain. They are also resistant to damage caused by everyday regular use. Bathtub liners come in different colors and styles, which makes a quick bathroom makeover possible.


A bathtub liner can be a better solution than a bathtub replacement when cost or time is a factor. They not only are quicker to install, they are cheaper. The price to purchase a bathtub liner and to have a professional install it usually runs under $2,000. A bathtub replacement can be much more expensive and time consuming.


Bathtub liners are glued to the existing bathtub, using a strong industrial strength glue. When a bathtub liner needs to be replaced, it is not easily removed. The liner has to be cut out, which can cause damage to the bathtub. It may not be a good idea to install a bathtub liner over a bathtub that is not seriously marred, when a simple refinishing can fix the problem. Refinishing a bathtub is when a special coating is painted onto the bathtub surface. Refinishing is cheaper than a bathtub liner and is a good choice for bathtubs that have minimal visual damage.

Expert Insight

A bathtub liner should always be installed by a licensed plumber to ensure proper installation. If a bathtub liner is not properly installed, it can leak and allow water to seep between the liner and the bathtub. The seeping water can lead to the growth of mold and the displacement of the bathtub liner. The bathtub liner can also crack if it is not installed to fit properly. A licensed plumber can also help you to evaluate if a bathtub liner is the best option for your bathroom remodeling needs.