5 Instagrams That'll Show You How to Work a Pink Accent

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It's easy to see why pink has transitioned from a fresh decor idea into a home mainstay in recent months — the color seems to work on everything. But if you still haven't adopted the trend into your own space, these ideas will help you finally take the plunge. From more subtle touches like an accent chair and salt-and-pepper shakers, to more prominent pieces like a bathroom sink and shower tiles, these five Instagrams will show you how to see the world with rose-colored glasses.

Reupholster an Accent Chair

Give a worn chair a new look by swapping out its tired fabric for a sorbet-hued version.

Open the Door to a Fresh Coat of Paint

Your front door can make a first impression all its own — just make sure the shade of pink matches your interior and exterior walls.

Give Your Shower Solos a Pink Stage

Who says showers have to be strictly white? Add some color to your bathroom — and feel free to belt out your favorite tunes — in a pink-tiled shower.

Decide to Primp in Pink

A rose gold faucet in a pink basin is the definition of dream life.

Make a Low-Key Statement

Try swapping out an everyday object for a pink version, like these salt and pepper shakers, for a subtle nod to the trend.

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